Friday, September 26, 2008

- 26.09.08 -

Today, 26th September, Retiring day for Pn.Hajah Bidah in SMKBBSP, instead of that,its En,Redzuan's birthday,our class teacher,its indeed fun with him actually,he's not bad at all,he's good... We respect him actually,altough how he scold us,how he angry of us,he is indeed good,he is only serious,he is really worth our respect,Happy Birthday En.Redzuan ...... :)

While back to the topic of Pn.Hajah Bidah's Retiring Day,its quite special for me,but its a bit of lame,cause today i was doing PA system with my geng,ken,kin lup,yok man and etc... what was lame is the song which we are playing, it was a song by Michael Learns To Rock,'Thats Why You Go Away'... in the whole day we are playing the same song for approximately 23times and its real much u know....haha.....anyway,its fun...

Friday, September 5, 2008

- First Prize In Photography Competition -

Is it a suprise for me? Ha...its indeed a good suprise for me and i am really happy because this is the first + one time i won in photography competition,and i hope more to come and i really want to achieve something in this 'world' i mean photography world..sowhat i need to do now is study hard,and after PMR,its my freedom,i can do whatever i want for 1year...haha